Chick Fight over a boy in 1459-School Girl Spanking feat Carmen vs Jezabel

Hello Catfight Fans!

Carmen is back and is ready to put that lil nerd Jezabel in her place when she overhears Jezabel is claiming Carmens man.  But Jezabel is not going down with a fight…an ass smackin’ catfight that is! Check out LGW’s 1459-School Girl Spanking – Ass Smackin Catfight

1459-School Girl Spanking – Ass Smackin Catfight

Carmen Valentina vs Jezabel Romo

Spicy Latina Jezabel Romo and Sultry Girl Next Door Carmen Valentina are both crushin on the same guy.  Problem is, one is his nerdy tutor (Jezabel) and one is his wet dream (Carmen).  Carmen overhears Jezabel reading a love letter aloud and after hearing it can’t help but laugh in this nerds face.  Jezabel states that this is a love letter from her crush.  Now, Carmen knows that Jezabel is helping her boyfriend with his grammar and penmanship and accuses Jezabel of writing the love letter herself.  What a nerd, right?  Jezabel is embarrassed and attacks the sexy popular girl and this school girl skirt covered ass smacking cat fight begins!  This match has 2 hot girls fighting, slapping, hairpulling and more all wearing school girl skirts and thongs, so you get a whole lotta ass cheeks jiggly all over the ring.  Jezabel and Carmen want to win by any means necessary even if that means exchanging wedgies, stinkfaces, foot tickling & biting and what ever else these sassy hell cats can think of!  If you love 2 sexy and sassy school girls fighting over a man, then download LGW’s 1459-School Girl Spanking – Ass Smackin Catfight.  With special bonus when one girl brings in an outside friend to help tie up her opponent and leave 

Time Limit ~ 15 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters