Cheetah Girls vs Masked Bad Dudes

Cheetah Girls vs Masked Bad Dudes – Mixed Pro Tag Match
featuring Jezabel Romo & Allie Parker vs 2 Masked Men ~ Jezabel & Allie form a new tag team called the Cheetah Girls – since they both love Cheetah lingerie and are excited about thier first match! Then they see who they are wrestlng……2 arrogant Masked Bad Dudes are ready to pummel and our sexy lil Cheetah Girls! This is a pro style wrestling match. The Cheetah Girls hold their own for the first part of the match, but the damn Masked Bad Dudes keep cheating and overpowering their move sets and pin attempts! In the end, the Masked men are done playing around in the ring and go for a Double Piledriver Finish!! You witness firsthand one beauty take a Tombstone Piledriver while the other gets demolished with a Package Piledriver! Is this the beginning & the end of Cheetah Girls???
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Cheetah girls get ready to take on Masked Bad Dudes!


Masked Bad Dudes plan thier attack of the Cheetah Girls


A Bad Dude has Allie in a seemingly obscene predicament!


Its all fun & games until their heads get smashed together!


Time to send a Masked Man to the ropes!