Cheatahs – Victim Jezabel

Cheatahs – Victim Jezabel – a Male Belly Match

featuring El Cheatah vs Jezabel Romo ~ Once again, I have a match against the perverse masked man of Lucha Girls Wrestling, El Cheatah. The last time I attempted to wrestle him, (See “Are We Going to Fuck or Fight”  ) he brought out feelings in me that really fucked with my mind…how do you crave the touch of a man that you can’t stand?  I haven’t been able to get him out of my mind.  But now, I have another chance to regain my dignity and use my mind against my traitorous body.  This time I am ready for him.  He appraoches me and I feel the tingle already start within the core of my body….but I fight it. He starts in with his verbal coercion, but I refuse to fall for it.  I feel myself being drawn to him……then the physical craving for me and toying and touching from Cheatah and I feel myself starting to moisten between my legs.  Then he starts dominating my body, touching, grabbing and yanking my hair, much to my surpirsed pleasure.  What is it about this man that makes my body crave his ?  The rougher he gets with me, the more turned on I become, but I must fight it.  I will not be mindfucked by this masked monster.  He positions my body in various positions and I want to beg for his touch.  He yanks my hair and I want to beg for more.  Then the real onslaught of unwanted yet desired starts…… have my belly beaten, slapped, punched and reddened with each strike is orgasmically torturous and I love/hate it.  But the worst part, is he convinces me that I made him do it and now I wonder……did I?  Do I love the abuse and what can I do to make it more?  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings  Cheatahs – Victim Jezabel

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