CeCe gets more than she asks for in 1416-TIme to Break a Bitch – Mixed Pro Wrestling

Hello Mixed Wrestling Fans,

Slice Boogie shows Cece Chanel just what he thinks of her suggestion that they cordially train together.  What she thinks will be a training match soon turns into a one sided battle of male supremacy and quite the beat down for our sassy Saucy Aussie in LGW’s 1416-Time to Break a Bitch – Mixed Pro Wrestling.

1416-Time to Break a Bitch – Mixed Pro Wrestling

Cece Chanel vs Slice Boogie

Up and coming pro wrestlers love to get their ring time in.  In this case, it’s saucy redhead Cece Chanel (formerly Saucy Aussie) and big man with a bigger attitude Slice Boogie.  Both think they have the ring reserved for themselves, but Slice is quite put out when he sees Cece already in the ring getting her stretch on.  He demands that she leave the ring immediately as it’s his time and his ring.  She can’t believe the audacity and suggests they train together, she actually challenges the muscular brute to a match. He accepts and the match is on.  Slice easily overpowers her, but he didn’t realize just how feisty this lil red head could be!  She realizes the error in her ways and suggests they just talk it out, but Slice is not having it.  She has enraged him and now she will suffer the consequences!  This match is a male dominated pro wrestling match.Slice gives no mercy to Cece as he shows his supremacy of our lil saucy Aussie,delivering strikes, stomps, slams and even some intense body bending and damn near Boston Crabs demanding that Cece submit to him.  But does she?  This ballsy lil chica can take quite a pummeling punishment from this oversized brute, but just how much can she take? Find out in LGW’s 1416-Time to Break a Bitch – Mixed Pro Wrestling

Time Limit ~ 10 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters