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Sexy mamacitas meet in the ring in 1420-Battle of the Luscious Latinas

Hello Wrestling Fans, On todays wrestling menu, we have 2 feisty latinas – AEW’s Thunder Rosa and Jezabel Romo – ready to wrestle and wreck havoc on each other in LGW’s 1420-Battle

Sassy Latina Rosa is back and Jen T is NOT happy in 1428-Latina Barbie Beat Down!

Greetings Wrestling Fans! Rosa is back and is one happy sassy Señorita as she claims to be the new Latina Barbie!  Jennifer Thomas hates barbies with a passion and decides its time

New at LGW – 1462-Latins Are Not Always Lovers – Mixed Pro Wrestling

Hola Mixed Wrestling Fans, Tonight we bring the Latin Heat in the form of sassy sexy luchadora Thunder Rosa as she challenges the man beast Luchador Masked Man in a mixed wrestling

New Bellydom Match!!! – 1546-Beat the Bulge – Jezabel vs Thunder Rosa

Hello LGW Friends! We have a new belly match up just for you! Rosa cant stand Jezabel and her soft tender belly.  She is determined to give Jezabel a belly dominating she