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CeCe gets more than she asks for in 1416-TIme to Break a Bitch – Mixed Pro Wrestling

Hello Mixed Wrestling Fans, Slice Boogie shows Cece Chanel just what he thinks of her suggestion that they cordially train together.  What she thinks will be a training match soon turns into

New Mens Pro Wrestling Match – 1469-Battle of the Man Bods 2 with BONUS match!!

Hello Male Pro Wrestling Fans! Tonight we bring you not 1 but 2 hard hitting in your face all male pro wrestling bouts featuring Heel Slice Boogie vs All American Boy Cameron

New Mixed Wrestling Match – 1501-Camel Clutch Challenge

Hello Mixed Wrestling Fans, Our beautiful bae Heather Monroe is back and ready to fight for the title in a Camel Clutch Challenge.  Our newest fighter Boogie is ready to break our