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Happy Cinco de Mayo – Love Lucha Girls!

Hola Amigos & Amigas! While we sit back and enjoy a margarita (or 2, 3, ……..) we caught Delilah and Jezabel getting ready for a day of Mexican festivities! No tacos or

New at LGW – 1481-Mixed Wrestling Iron Wo-Man Match – Simone vs Eli

Hello Wrestling Fans! We’ve been getting alot of requests for our favorite Saucy Aussie Simone Sherie. Though she may not be doing anymore customs wrestling matches and focusing solely on her pro

Simone is back in 1487-Saucy Aussies Masked Toy – Mixed Femdom Wrestling!!!

Hello Fans & Friends! Our favorite Saucy Aussie Simone is back in the ring and this time she brought her own man boy victim.  This poor guy does’nt know what hit him

New Mixed Fight! – 1503-Break Up Beat Down – Simone vs Eli

Hello LGW Fam! We have an amazing mixed wrestling for you!  Simone Sherie, our Saucy Aussie is breaking up with her cheapskate boyfriend Eli Everfly, but first she wants to beat him