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LGWs First Shoot of 2019!!!

Happy (almost) New Year LGW Fans! We are happy to announce that our first shoot of 2019 will be with Modest Moms Wrestlings very own Alexandria Hamilton!!  Jezabel Romo will be heading

New Bellydom at LGW – 1540-Party Girl Punch – Jezabel vs Jennifer

Greetings Lucha Girls Fans! Jennifer is here and ready to teach that good for nothing party girl Jezabel a lesson in drinking & partying instead of training.  A lesson the drunken cougar

Be the Booker at Lucha Girls!

Be the Booker at Lucha Girls! Have you ever been kicking back watching wrestling on TV and thought, I could’ve thought of a better storyline for this match?  Or I want the

New Release! – 1570-I’ll Make You Drool Bitch

1570-Ill Make You Drool Bitch feat Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas Jennifer Thomas, our no nonsense muscular sexy wrestler is back and ready to give our drunken party girl Jezabel Romo a