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New Mens Wrestling – 1448 Battle of the Man Bods 5 – Dominic vs DKC

Hey Wrestling Fans, Tonights fight is a mano de mano match featuring Dominic Kubrick as he takes on and tries to mindfuck the newbie DKC in LGW’s 1448-Battle of the Man Bods

New Mens Pro Wrestling Match – 1469-Battle of the Man Bods 2 with BONUS match!!

Hello Male Pro Wrestling Fans! Tonight we bring you not 1 but 2 hard hitting in your face all male pro wrestling bouts featuring Heel Slice Boogie vs All American Boy Cameron

New Mixed Match – 1498-Saucy Aussie Beat Down

Happy Monday Ladies & Gents! We love to bring you the sauciest, sassiest sexiest female wrestlers, and sometimes, we just love to watch them get their sweet little asses kicked all over

New Mixed Fight! – 1503-Break Up Beat Down – Simone vs Eli

Hello LGW Fam! We have an amazing mixed wrestling for you!  Simone Sherie, our Saucy Aussie is breaking up with her cheapskate boyfriend Eli Everfly, but first she wants to beat him