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New Mens Wrestling – 1448 Battle of the Man Bods 5 – Dominic vs DKC

Hey Wrestling Fans, Tonights fight is a mano de mano match featuring Dominic Kubrick as he takes on and tries to mindfuck the newbie DKC in LGW’s 1448-Battle of the Man Bods

New Mens Pro Wrestling Match – 1469-Battle of the Man Bods 2 with BONUS match!!

Hello Male Pro Wrestling Fans! Tonight we bring you not 1 but 2 hard hitting in your face all male pro wrestling bouts featuring Heel Slice Boogie vs All American Boy Cameron

Shooting This Thursday July 18 – Book your Dream Match!!!

Happy Monday Lucha Girls Fans! I know this is last minute, but what the hell…….we are shooting with some sexy, savvy and downright tough ass pro wrestlers this Thursday July 18, 2019!