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Booty Baring and Foot tickling! Jennifer vs Jezabel

Hello Friends! Today Jezabel and Jennifer meet in the ring for a serious, yet sexy booty baring match with a little barefoot and booty tickle play in LGW’s 1398-Booty Baring Bitches #2. 

Jennifer & Carmen get cheeky in 1404-Baring the Booty – Loser Spanked!

Hello Wrestling Fans, Carmen and Jennifer meet in the ring once again and lets just say that butt cheeks and insults get thrown out all over the ring in LGW’s1404-Baring the Booty-Loser

Beware – Jen & Allie wager their ass cheeks in 1415-Don’t Look at my Butt!

Hello Wrestling Fans! Jennifer and Allie meet in the ring and are ready to fight.  Allie is feeling a bit frisky and decides to challenge Jennifer to a Best of 7 Ass