Carmen and Dick battle for Ring Rights in a Mixed Wrestling match!!

Hello Mixed Wrestling Fans!

In this world where everyone feels they are entitled to any fucking thing they want, we come across Carmen and Dick.  They both feel entitled to the ring, and neither will back down from this fight in LGW’s 1422-Get Out of My Ring Bitch – Mixed Wrestling

1422-Get Out of My Ring Bitch – Mixed Wrestling

Carmen Valentina vs Dick Arthur

Carmen, all cute and bikini clad, is in the ring getting her stretch on.  She loves the peacefulness and tranquility of having the ring to herself.  But that soon changes when the arrogant manly Dick Arthur, a local pro wrestler enters the ring and demands that Carmen, a mere woman, needs to get the fuck out of HIS ring!  Carmen, knowing she has not trespassed, stands her ground and demands proof of ownership.  Of course Dick, being a dick, doesn’t have said documentation and challenges Carmen to a fight over the ring.  Carmen cockily agrees, thinking she can manhandle this asshole and get her private time back.  Dick goes to shake her hand and the attack begins!  He starts off kicking her, throwing her into the corner turnbuckle and stretching her luscious legs over the middle ropes….ouch!  We don’t think poor cute Carmen knows what she is in for. He manipulates her lithe body into some pretty leg spreading stretches and even gives her a little foot to crotch action!  At this point, Dick knows he can easily overpower Carmen.  But Carmen has proved time and again that she is no shrinking violet and can take the brutality caused by this mean Dick!  He tries to beat her into submission, but Carmen just won’t give up and keeps fighting back.  He even starts to fight dirtier and grabs and squeezes her perky titties and when that doesn’t work, he works his hand down south and grabs a fistful of bikini clad pussy.  But Carmen wont let any man take liberties such as this and tries in vain to fight back by kicking him in the balls.  He goes down, for a second, but now is even more infuriated than before, really tries to break our battling beauty.  Dick applies a few leg spreading submissions determined to make this bitch tap.  Finally as much as she wants the ring, Carmen can only submit after being put in a Ab and leg stretch combo that would make anyone tap to end this nightmare.  Download LGW’s 1422-Get Out of My Ring Bitch! – Mixed Wrestling and watch all the brutality that one sexy girl can take. 

Time Limit ~ 11 min  / Format ~ MP4

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All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters