Booty Baring and Foot tickling! Jennifer vs Jezabel

Hello Friends!

Today Jezabel and Jennifer meet in the ring for a serious, yet sexy booty baring match with a little barefoot and booty tickle play in LGW’s 1398-Booty Baring Bitches #2.  Check it out!

1398-Booty Baring Bitches 2 

Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas

Jezabel and Jennifer are long time rivals.  And this time we caught them in the ring for a nice pleasant yoga session!  Though what starts out to be a calming namaste type of day soon turns quite catty as Jezabel can’t help but mention Jennifer’s behavior at the club last night.  She was quite the party girl and Jezabel thinks now is the time to call her on her hootchiness!  Jennifer doesnt seem perturbed by Jezabels prudish comments and soon an argument ensues and they start to go toe to toe in the squared circle!  But Jennifer doesn’t seem to want a serious match, she gives Jezabel a Sunset Flip, but instead of going down, Jezabel stays standing…the perfect time to pants her, baring her sweet cheeks and make her loosen up, or so Jennifer thinks!  In actuality all this does in infuriate Jezabel and she decides, fuck it, two can play at this game, but Jezabel plays to win dammit.  She then proceeds to pants Jennifer’s sweet ass all over the ring, giving full on bare ass moons to the camera!  As much as this humiliates Jennifer, it excites Jezabel and she decides why not do a little tickle-dom fun as well!  She proceeds to mount Jennifer, pulling off her socks and shoes and tickles the heck out of Jennifer’s sweet feet.  But why not see if her ass is just as sensitive……cootchie, cootchie coo!  Download LGW’s 1398-Booty Baring Bitches and watch all the fun of Jezabel, Jennifer and a whole lotta booty cheeks!

Time Limit ~ 15 min  /  Format ~ MP4

Time Limit ~ 15 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters and in compliance of 18 U.S.C. § 2257 regulations