Bikini Battles ~ Scissorhold Catfight

featuring Lucky OShea vs Amo Morbia
Lucky and Amo have donned their bikinis and are ready to battle….Scissorhold Catfight Style!! They walk to the ring, strip out of their robes and the match is on…..Lucky is the first to be the aggressive she cat and takes a headlock on Amo and proceeds to school her, Amo fights back but Luckys pro wrestling experience dominates thruout the match. Though, not to discredit Amo’s skill and longer legs, as she easily squeezes Luckys head in a forward facing, muff diving smothering head scissor hold! Back and forth these 2 lovely, yet hellcats use various scissor holds to try and grip their opponents head between their beautiful supple thighs! Buy Bikini Battles – Scissorhold Catfight now and watch the action as these sexy little she devils don’t hold back and fight for their lives!
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Lucky & Amo battle it out in this , head squeezing scissorhold catfight!

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