Bikini Battles 4 – Back Breakin Bitch

Bikini Battles 4 – Back Breakin Bitch – Prostyle Wrestling

featuring Latina Jezabel Romo vs Irish Lass Lucky OShea ~ Lucky and Jezabel are newly paired roommates, who after a short period of living together…cannot stand each other! Jezabel is tired of Lucky helping herself to all of her stuff and Lucky is tired of Jezabels commanding perfection ways! They meet in the ring and let it all out! But soon, it turns into and catfight of bitchy proportions! Jezabel soon gets the upperhand with more experience and lets just say it, more weight. Poor Lucky is soon screaming in back breaking pain as Jezabel’s unleashes her full fury on the poor red headed Irish girl! Finally putting Lucky out of her misery with such a throat clenching !! Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings Bikini Battles 4 – Back Breakin Bitch” and watch 2 beautiful bikini clad bitch brawl!
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Sassy Irish Lass Lucky OShea is ready to battle it out!



Hot Tempered Latina Jezabel Romo loves to have any excuse to step in the ring and all the younger fighters at Lucha Girls Wrestling!