Bikini Battles 3 – War of the White Girls

Bikini Battles 3 – War of the White Girls

featuring Lucha Girl Favorite Lucky OShea vs debuting Fighter Keri Spectrum ~ Lucky is back in the ring at Lucha Girls and has a new challenger to face on this glorious day! Blonde Babe from the East Coast Keri Spectrum is in the Lucha Girls house and ready to prove that she is just as tough as any West Coast girl. They start off with a headlock, but soon Lucky’s dirty tactics come into play as she has Keri in a Full Nelson and grabs the blonde beauty’s bodacious boobs! With Lucky having the upper hand, she soon starts dominating Keri with bodyscissors, belly punches and more! She gets her to the corner and slams her with barefoot stomps to the stomach and even her out with her little Irish foot. Poor Keri just gets violated with facesits,crotch grabs…Lucky even gets so excited she actually starts grinding her bikini clad pussy on Keri’s boobs. But does Lucky continue this onslaught of sexy catfight or does Keri finally remember what she came her to prove and let her survival skills kick in? Which girl ends up topless and dominated and who is the best wrestler…the East Coast Blonde or the West Coast Redhead? Buy Lucha Girls WrestlingsBikini Battles 3 – Battle of the White Girls” and watch all the sexy bikini clad action ensue!

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Lucky OShea takes on Blonde Babe Keri Spectrum, making her debut at Lucha Girls Wrestling in Bikini Brawls 3 – War of the White Girls, a crotch grabbing, grinding, titty twisting catfight!