Bikini Battles 2 – Fishnet Fights!

featuring Latina Cougar Jezabel Romo vs Sexy & Sassy Allie ParkerAllie is in the ring looking all cute and sexy, clad in a small bikini and a pair of sexy hot pink thigh hi fishnets. Jezabel walks in, wear a very similiar bikini and a sexy black pair of thigh hi fishnets, but Jezabel is seeing red! She is fuming! Fishnets are her gimmick in the ring, not Allies! Jezabel demands Allie to remove the fishnets, but Allie nonchalantly states that she doesn’t know what the big deal is….alot of girls wear fishnets, don’t they? Jezabel response is to beat Allie all over the ring and give her a final humiliation of a Bronco Buster finish with a Stinkface salute! Buy Bikini Battles 2 – Fishnet Fights! and see two sexy fishnet and bikini clad hellcats battle it out over fishnet !!
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Allie dares to wear fishnets to the ring, Jezabel demands her to remove them, or she will in Bikini Battles 2 – Fishnet Fights!

***Allie Parker will be out of the ring until mid to late summer, as she unselfishly is donating a kidney to her brother.  This girl is an awesome wrestler in the ring and equally awesome sister & friend outside of the ring.  Please send any positive thoughts and well wishes to Allie.  You can continue to show support of the courageous woman by checking out her merchandise stores at and 8×10’s at: