Beware…The Crotch Claw

Beware…The Crotch Claw! – Jezabel Romo vs Gia Primo
featuring Spicy Latina Jezabel Romo vs Sassy Italian Gia Primo – Gia came down to the Lucha Girls dojo one day looking to challenge Jezabel to a match. Now Jezabel takes her wrestling serious, while Gia just likes to fuck around and doesn’t take anything seriously. When Jezabel puts forth her hand in good sportsmanship, Gia insulting shakes her sexy lil ass towards Jezabel and laughingly says “Shake this”. Insulted and rightly pissed off, Jezabel, thinks to herself, “Oh! you want to play like that lil bitch?” and viciously grabs Gia’s crotch from behind and painfully applies the Crotch Claw. Nails digging painfully into Gia’s sensitive soft feminine parts, she screams in agony. But Jezabel is just getting started, she holds the painful crotch claw for the remainder of the match and painfully dominates Gia’s pussy, forcing her to walk, crawl and drag her way around the ring, making her touch all turnbuckles. But Gia, being in mind screaming pain, just can’t seem to do it right and agonizingly has to keep trying to do it to Jezabel’s standards in order to get her to release her pained pussy! Does she make it or does she pass out from the crotch clawing pain? Did I mention they were TOPLESS in THONGS? Buy Beware…The Crotch Claw and watch one of Gia Primo’s most humiliating and painful matches of her life!
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Gia Primo vs Jezabel Romo in a brutally painful crotch claw !