Beware…The Masked Man! by Lucha Girls Wrestling














Beware the Masked Man ~
featuring Sexy Irish Lucky O’Shea vs the Masked Man ~ in this tale of mixed male dominated , cute Irish Wrestler Lucky O’Shea gets a call from the Lucha GIrls Office telling her to report to the ring for a mixed match with a new wrestler. She happily shows up, as she loves wrestling big sexy men, but she soon realizes that this is not a big sexy man, this is a masked foreboding angry looking guy! As soon as she enters the ring, he is on her. Thruout the entire , he tosses her around the ring, pulverizes her back with various painful methods…clubs, kicks, back breakers, stretches…basically, without going into full detail, the masked man just beats the life out of this poor Irish lass.
****Lucky OShea has been with Lucha Girls Wrestling since the beginning and remains on of our most sought after wrestlers, whether you want her in a such as this, or in a catfight, pro style match or fetish match, this girl knows how to kick ass or get her ass kicked!