Best of 5 Stinkface Challenge

Best of 5 Stinkface Challenge -Jezabel vs Lucky
Featuring Cougar Aged Jezabel Romo vs Young & Sassy Lucky OShea ~ Jezabel and Lucky have met in the ring countless times, but as of late, these 2 hellcats have had a hatred fro each other that knows no bounds! Today, Jezabel is redy for the attack and as soon as the match starts she attacks Lucky and brutally tosses her in the ring! As she is pummeling and choking out poor Lucky, she annouces that this is a Best of 5 Stinkface match! They are with each other, each lady trying to get the best of the other girl by any move necessary to get the other in the corner for the coveted Stinkface! Jezabel, is up and threatens Lucky with a messy, sloppy shaving creamed stinkface all over Jezabel’s made up face!! Jezabel hits piledrivers, sidewalk slams to get Lucky down, while Lucky hits Russian Legsweeps, facebusters and more trying to get Jezabel in the corner…..but in the end, which girl gets the shaving creamed barely there thong covered stinkface while tied to the corner? Buy now and watch this hot mess of wrestling action!!