Belly ~ Mixed

featuring Jezabel Romo vs The Masked Man ~ Jezabel Romo is in the ring and waiting for her late opponent to grace us with his presence.  The Masked Man finally shows up, obviously pretty pissed off that he is scheduled to wrestle another weak woman.  But this older, more seasoned cougar has quite the sassy mouth and doesn’t really back down and quiver in fear.  This too infuriates him even further.  They lock up and he immediately takes over and goes straight for the most vulnerable spot on his prey,…..her soft, tender belly!  He pummels Jezabel’s sensitive midsection with slaps, punches, kicks, grips and grabs and even uses the ropes to cause seemingly internal damage.  To make matters even more humiliating for poor Jezabel, the Masked Man even has the nerve to position Jezabel in very precarious sexual dominating positions!  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings Belly – Mixed ” and see just how much pain Jezabel and her susceptible tender belly can take?

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Lucha Girls Owner & Fighter Jezabel Romo – a hot tempered Latina who knows how to take and give one hell of a !


Lucha Girls Wrestling’s The Masked Man – not too much is known about this individual, except that he hates woman and loves to cause them pain!








Jezabel Romo and The Masked Man are both professionally trained wrestlers and available at Lucha Girls Wrestling to fulfill all of your wrestling fantasies!  Just tell us your idea for a match and we can bring it to reality!  You are the booker for your very own Lucha Girls match.  Live shows coming in 2016!