Bedroom Brawls Series – Mixed Wrestling & Catfights!

Lucha Girls Wrestling Bedroom Brawls series, brings you the competitiveness of in ring wrestling, with a more erotic twist.  Our storylines, cover masked men breaking in and attack our beautiful Damsel in to 2 girls wanting to surprise you with a romantic evening and fighting over you, lingerie clad in bed, Winner gets you as the prize!  Check out our bed slammin wrestling matches in the follow clips!

Bedroom Brawls 1 ~ Jezabel Romo vs Wrestler Joe ~ In an off the wall, bored in my hotel room while I am out of town type of way, I had my camera handy and was feeling a bit frisky and antsy, I decided to challenge Pro Wrestler Joe to a specialty match, that I have never tried….a bedroom brawl. I have done more than my fair share of wrestling in various rings and grappling mats, but never in a bed!! So after a quick minute, Joe accepted my challenge! The rules? Simple, obviously no high flying moves, just some good old traditional submission mat(tress) wrestling. Tap to submit. Little did he know, I still have a couple of old tricks up my sleeve and doused my body in oil….the slipperier the better to wiggle out of moves he tries to take me down with….hahaha! So try as he might to put me camel clutches, body scissors etc, he just couldn’t lock it in! But much to my backfiring dismay, I realized that it is damn near impossible to lock in my head scissors (one of my favorite holds to apply) not matter what angle I tried! The term slippery when wet is fully defined right about now! So after long sweaty intense minutes of back and forth hairpulling, various scissor attempts, smothering, a variety of submissions and verbal heated taunting, all with nipples aflying, it seemed like this 6 foot, 215 lbs walking muscle was never going to be beat, I finally in a moment of desperation was able to squeeze and lock in finally a reverse head scissor taking down the testosterone terror! Buy now and witness the mattress mayhem unfold!

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Bedroom Brawls 2 ~ Jezabel Romo vs Wrestler Joe – Bedroom Brawls 2

Jezabel and Wrestler Joe take it to the bedroom once again, in this motel room submission match. Not much room to work with Joe shows Jezabel who’s boss in the bedroom. We see some cool moves and even a fantastic submission finish all done on a full size bed! And alot of wardrobe malfunctions for Jezabel!

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Bedroom Brawls 3 ~ Jezabel Romo vs the Masked Man

OMG there is an intruder in my room!!! Innocently I was reading a romance before bed and all of a sudden a masked intruder broke in and tried to hold me at knifepoint! OH HELL NO!!! I kick the knife out of his hand and try to morph into hellcat status to fight him off. But he is sooo strong, what can I do? I have to keep fighting, but realize that his brute strength is too much for me to handle! Ok, try to take him down, stun him or anything I can desperately think of to get away from this madman before I become another statistic!!! OMG he is choking the life out of me…..I need help, must get away!!!

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Bedroom Brawls 4 ~ Morning After feat. Jezabel Romo vs The Masked Intruder ~ Jezabel must have had a hellava night because she is finally arriving back at her room the next morning….shoeless and hungover! She walks into her room, trying to remember what happened the night before, when all of a sudden she is attacked!!! A masked man was hiding in wating behind the door, and her drunk ass didnt even realize it. She sobers up real quick when he attacks her and spears her onto the bed! She helplessly tries to fight off her attacker but to no avail. He slams her, manhandles her and her to almost knocking her out!! But he is not done yet, he viciously lifts her up into not one but two devastating powerbombs, the proceeds to her with not only his brute strength, but grabs the phone cord and even makes her pass out with her own arms choking the breath out of her! Then when she is , he yells for the camera to shut off and then he will have his real fun with her! Poor Jezabel….what will happen to this poor helpless woman?

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Bedroom Brawls 5 ~Bedroom Brawls 5 – Winner Gets YOU!!! – Jezabel Romo vs Lucky OShea

featuring MILF Jezabel Romo vs Young Hottie Lucky OShea ~ Both Jezabel and Lucky think they are going to surprise you, with new lingerie and a hot and steamy evening ahead of you. Much to their surprise, you must have gotten your nights (or your women) mixed up and they are both here for you! What starts as astonishment soon turns into 2 bitches in heat over who gets you for the night! Verbal warare soon turns into a claws out, hair aflying catfight turn bedroom brawl as each girl is determind to win you! Jezabel may have age ( a 20 year age difference) and experience on her side, but she is facing a girl who is used to using her feminine wiles and charm to get what she wants and they both want YOU!!!

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