Bedroom Brawls 6 Thy Bitch

featuring Jezabel Romo vs The Masked Man ~ Jezabel is on a Vegas vacation and feeling a little frisky. She makes a couple of calls and gets an opponent sent to her room. Soon though, that frisky sassiness turns to moans and groans of pain as Jezabel faces her worst nightmare of an opponent..the beast to her beauty, the Masked Man!! From the moment he bashes her with a pillow, taking her off guard, to the yanking, pulling and stretching of her voluptuous body, he brutalizes this poor lonely Latina cougar! But he is not finished with his torturous .he shows her what’s it’s like to be fearful, panicked and vulnerable as he repeatedly smothers her with a pillow trying to bring an end to poor Jezabel! Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling Bedroom Brawls 6 Thy Bitch and find out if Jezabel survives this attack!
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Another male dominated pillow smothering mixed match featuring Jezabel Romo vs Masked Man! – Bedroom Brawls 6 Thy Bitch

Here is your chance to meet Lucha Girls owner and fighter Jezabel Romo in person!! She will be attending FetCon 2015 – the largest fetish convention in the United States, Aug 13-16, 2015 in St Petersburg, Florida.  Stop by the Lucha Girls Wrestling booth and say Hi, get a pic or grab your own copy of the first edition of Best of the Lucha Girls Wrestling DVD