Ballroom Bitch Brawl – Scissorhold Catfight

Ballroom Bitch Brawl – Scissorhold Catfight in Evening Gowns

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Mutiny~ Jezabel and Mutiny are and have always been in fierce competition with each other.  Tonight, is no exception as they attend the same formal ball and have been hissing and glaring at each other all night!  Finally Jezabel follows Mutiny into a empty ballroom and confronts the Canadian beauty.  The Latina Jezabel is known for her fierce temper and tonight is no exception, she has downed a few Tequila Sunrises and uses the liquid courage to speak her mind.  Mutiny is of the same mindset, impatiently waiting for the confrontation.  The verbal encounter soon turns into a face slapping start of an awesome scissorhold catfight.  Each evening gown clad beauty is determind to best the other redheaded hellcat!  Not a care for being ladies, each own is sprawl legs spread wide open and having lip slips all over the place……the fight with a viciousness with slaps, ass spanks, crotch grabs, and some of the most sexily headscissors!  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling’s Ballroom Bitch Brawl – Scissorhold Catfight ” and watch, as finally, one squeezes the others head between her luscious thick thighs to take the victory!

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Behind the scenes pics of Lucha Girls fighters Jezabel & Mutiny