Bad Salesman

featuring Latina Cougar Jezabel Romo vs The Rude Salesman ~ Jezabel is in the Lucha Girls ring, admiring the new jeans a fan just gifted her with. She loves the feel of a brand new pair of jeans next to her soft, silky skin! When out of nowhere, a very rude door to door salesman walks in and starts hurling insults and derogatory comments at her. Jezabel tries to ignore his rude ass, but he just keeps talking. Finally he comes into the ring and having to deal with enough of his rudeness, she attacks….low blows his balls with the ropes! From this point on, it becomes a crotch pain survival of the strongest, most enduring crotch……they attack each others special place with kicks, stomps, grabs, punches, biting, yes we said biting, and more! But in the end, what is most enduring crotch area? The balls of a man or the cunt of a woman? Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling’s Bad Salesman – Mixed Crotch Attacks! and see who survived the brutality and was able to walk away, though painfully.
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Jezabel Romo takes on a Rude Salesman in a battle of the crotches in Bad Salesman – Mixed Crotch Attacks!

Jezabel Romo & Kaos are pro trained wrestlers, as well as the owner (Jezabel) of Lucha Girls.  Like all the Lucha Girls fighters, male or female, they bring their “A” game and leave it all in the ring for your wrestling pleasures.  If you have an idea or ever fancy yourself as “The Booker” of your very own wrestling match, let us bring your fantasy to reality!  Email and let Lucha Girls make your dreams come true!