Bad Dudes Belly Chops

Bad Dudes Belly Chops – Mixed Belly  
featuring Sassy Allie Parker vs Bad Dude – Allie Parker is coming up on the Lucha Girls roster and starting to make a name for herself! She has been training extra hard and this is where we find Allie today, right after a grueling training session. Bad Dude and Allie have a little fling thing going on and he shows up at the dojo to pick up this tanned and toned sexy lady. But being the typical caveman mentality Bad Dude that he is, he immediately takes offense to Allie’s belly baring wardrobe. Allie sees no problem with her gear as this is training after all. Bad Dude does not like her nonchalant attitude and proceeds to show her just how much he doesn’t like it by bullying and chopping and slapping her poor toned silky soft belly to a perfect shade of redness! Finishing her off with a Death Valley Driver! Check out the male in Bad Dudes Belly Chops and watch Allie start to see as much fury red as her belly. The pain and the anger are real for Allie Parker in this painful reminder that guys sometimes get jealous!
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Allie and Bad Dude do not see eye to eye over her belly baring gear!

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