Bad Dude’s Ball Wager

featuring Allie Parker vs Bad Dude ~ Allie and Bad Dude are at it again.  This time Bad Dude has a little wager for the seemingly gullible Allie….whoever wins, gets to kick the other in the balls or vagina!  This is a pro style match that contains clotheslines, bodyslams, , low blows and an awesome vertical suplex.  But like every crotch match, we bring you a beautiful full force ball busted ending!…..if you like hard kicks to the balls, you will love Bad Dude’s Ball Wager!
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Bad Dude challenges female “Pro Wrestler” Allie Parker to a Crotch Match!! Who do you think will win? Watch Bad Dude’s Ball Wager and find out!

Allie Parker and Bad Dude are both pro wrestlers on the Indy Pro Wrestling Circuit and are always available to fight for you!  Tell us if you have any wrestling fantasies you are ready to make a reality, or have any thoughts about Bad Dude’s Ball Wager! or anything about Lucha Girls Wrestling!  Email us at