Aug 16 Customs Shoot at LGW

Just Announced!! – Aug 16 Customs Shoot at Lucha Girls Wrestling!!! 

Greeting Lucha Girls Fans!

We are excited to announce our next shoot will be Thursday August 16, 2018.  Book your match with one of the best customs companies in the business.  Jezabel Romo, Jennifer Thomas and Vulcana are all pro trained wrestlers and would love to fight for you!  We will have Woman vs Woman and Mixed Wrestling matches available!

Email to order your very own custom wrestling match!

Matches starting at $200! 

(This shoot is taking place on Thursday August 16.  You will receive your match by Aug 18, 2018 via email)




Email to book our sassy Latina Cougar Jezabel Romo

Email to book our Sexy Muscular Beauty Jennifer Thomas

Email to book our Mysterious Masked Temptress Vulcana