Assassination Of Jezabel!

featuring Jezabel Romo vs A Masked Man – Jezabel is ready to wrestle! She is feeling good a ready to challenge anyone to a pro style fight! But her good feeling ends swiftly as a brute of a Masked Man accepts her challenge! She thinks that if she can weaken him in the first few minutes, she has a chance to take him down……Jezabel thought wrong! The Masked beast recovers quickly and soont he tables are turned! He pummels Jezabel, stomps her, kicks and punches her and lays a that she will never forget! This match is and contains multiple piledrivers, back breaking submissions such as the STF, Hangman , Boston Crab and whatever the Masked Man can think of to our body jiggling Latina Cougar! But it does’nt stop there, he viciously adds multiple Piledrivers, a Rack, bodyslams, and even a reverse Power Bomb, and a Tree of Woe with a baseball slide that damn near shatters this lovely’s face! Buy Assassination of Jezabel and witness the brutality and hairpulling punishment that this woman takes!
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Jezabel gets bodybusted and by a pissed off Masked Man in this pro style – Assassination of Jezabel. This is Jezabel’s Judgement Day!