Ass Smacking of Allie Parker!

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Allie ParkerJezabel, the aging beauty finds out a dirty little secret of young, tanned and toned Allie! She is mortified about being stripped down or otherwise humiliated on camera! This just delights the evil older woman, as one of her greatest thrills in the ring is to embarass the younger, prettier fighters. She tricks Allie into a match, determind to make Allie face her biggest fear! The match is swift but the humiliation is long and torturous for poor Allie as she is stripped down to her bra and thong and forced to submit to a ass bruising spanking all over the ring, including standing armholding spanks, over the knee spanks and other fun spanking positions, much to Allie’s dismay! Buy Ass Smacking of Allie Parker today and witness Allie’s pitiful indignation first hand! Jezabel’s hand was not the only thing left red and stinging!  Poor Allie, we may have scarred her for life with this punishment!
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Allie loses the match to Jezabel & now faces the Ultimate Humiliation – Stripped to her bra & thong and spanked on camera in Ass Smacking of Allie Parker!

This is Allie’s 1st ever stripdown to bra and panty match AND Spanking Match!  We would love to hear your feedback!  If you want to comment on this match or order another match with Lucha Girls Allie Parker or Jezabel Romo, email us at