Ass Smacking Good Times when Crystal meets Jezabel on the mats!

Hello Booty Lovers!

Jezabel and Crystal disagree about who is the true ass smacking champion in LGW’s 1392-All About Dat Ass – Fantasy Wrestling

1392-All About Dat Ass – Fantasy Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Crystal Clark

Jezabel and Crystal have a long standing love/(mostly) hate relationship!  They have faced each other plenty of times in the ring, on the mats, heck, even in the parking lot!  But this time, Jezabel just can’t stand listening to Crystal talk about how she is the “Ass Spanking Champion” no one can beat her and blah, blah blah.  She confronts this younger lil chit and basically tells her to stop bragging and put her booty smacking champion lil ass on the line, challenging her to a match!  Now as history goes, Jezabel, the older more experienced fighter has kicked poor unLucky Crystals ass all over the place.  But this time, Crystal is hungry for this win and will fight by any means necessary to get this win!  She is younger, tougher and more in shape against the older, experienced, and should be retired bitch like Jezabel or so she thinks!  Both girls fight like hellcats  – crotch attacks, scissorholds, wedgies etc – for this victory and once you think the match is over, the ultimate spanking humilation occurs – bent over, full exposed butt cheeks spanking with a hair brush – fucking OUCH on a red stinging ass.  That is how Lucha Girls roll…..check out LGW’s1392-All About Dat Ass – Fantasy Wrestling and watch all the big ass action! Time Limit ~ 10 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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