Armholding Attacks!

featuring Allie Parker, Jennifer Thomas, Jezabel Romo & Lucky OShea ~ This one is for you Armholding lover fans! While watching Shawshank Redemption “Store Room Scene” we decided to re-enact the attack in that lovely prison scene, but with a Lucha Girls twist – attacking girls in bikinis -. Each lovely Damsel in bikini clad victim is greeted with “Hello Pretty” approach from the front, while attacked and held in a behind the back armlock. The sexy Damsel tries to kick off thier attacker, but is slammed into a metal bay door. They are bellypunched and (wo)manhandled over to, and slammed on the edge of the wrestling ring. The victim tries to kick and back elbow thier attackers off, but to no avail. Then they are viciously thrown to the ground and stomped all over thier lovely, beat down body. Bonus clip included of Jennifer Thomas being arrested and taken away! If you love rough and Armholding then buy Lucha Girls Attacked! – Armholding Attacks!
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Lucha Girl’s Allie, Jennifer, Jezabel & Lucky recreate the Armholding fetish of Shawshank Redemption’s Store room scene!

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