Are We Gonna Fuck or Fight?

Are We Gonna Fuck or Fight?

featuring Jezabel Romo vs El Cheatah, the horniest Man in Mixed Wrestling ~ I, Jezabel, was looking cute and feeling good in my pink fuzzy bikini and anxiously awaiting to see who I was going to wrestle today. And who but El Cheatah, the horniest man in mixed wrestling steps into my ring and answers the challenge? I have wrestled Cheatah before and know his in ring, carousing like a Latino tomcat in heat type of antics. Needless to say, I had to be on total guard! As much as I try to wrestle a serious match with him, I soon feel his hands were everywhere on my body, fondling, grabbing, caressing everywhere. His touch felt good, but this was a wrestling match and I take my wrestling seriously dammit! No matter what defense I put up, he seems to know how to my body into another sensual style of position, I dont know how much more I can take before I give into my bodys awakening needs…even through my bikini bottoms, I can feel the heat and hardening of his crotch. I hate to want it, so I will continue to fight his body and mine. He seems to know the perfect way to roughly grip and control my body. I have never been one to be submissive to male , but I feel my body trying to betray me, the feelings awakening and the moistness between my legs is leaving my weak with need and soon I tire from trying to fight him. But I must fight back, I must not let this masked man dominate my mind like he is my body. Even his heavy hand smacking ass has a sort of dominating pleasure. He rips off my bikini top exposing my breasts, spreads my legs and I dont know whether to fight or beg for more . Watch Lucha Girls WrestlingAre we Gonna Fuck or Fight” and watch the total male wrestling of Jezabel Romo.

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