Allie Wants Mixed Pro Style!

featuring Allie Parker vs A Masked Man ~ Allie has been taking her training serious as she is sick and tired of getting her ass kicked all over the ring by every guy that Lucha Girls Wrestling books her against. After weeks of intense training, she is finally ready and confident to challenge the Lucha Girls male talent! The office books her against one of her toughest bullies….the original Masked Man! They square off and lo and behold the fight seems somewhat fair as Allie is really pro wrestling her way around and out of the Masked Man clutches! This is an awesome Mixed Pro Style match up that contains chain wrestling, arm drags, head scissors, clothelines, bodyslams, a devastating DDT and more! But the big question remains….does Allie finally have a win or is she once again the victim of a male dominated victory? Watch “Allie Wants Mixed Pro Style!” to find out!
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Allie Parker has been fiercely training & is ready to kick ass (instead of get her sweet ass kicked again) in Lucha Girls “Allie Wants Mixed Pro Style!”

***Allie Parker will be out of the ring until mid to late summer, as she unselfishly is donating a kidney to her brother.  This girl is an awesome wrestler in the ring and equally awesome sister & friend outside of the ring.  Please send any positive thoughts and well wishes to Allie.  You can continue to show support of the courageous woman by checking out her merchandise stores at and 8×10’s at: