Allie vs Manhood – Mixed Crotch

Allie versus Manhood – Mixed Crotch Match
featuring Allie Parker vs A Bad Dude ~ Allie is all sass and spice and ready to wrestle. In walks a Bad Dude wrestler who thinks this match will be a legit easy win…..1,2,3! Little does he know that though Allie has wrestled him in the past, she is prepared for the future! She has a few dirty low down tricks up her sleeve and starts off the match with a surprise low blow to this Bad Dude! She taunts, teases and baits the downed brawny wrestler even insulting his manhood by calling him Shrimp Dick!!! But sometimes good things end rather quickly and soon the tables are turned. He returns her low blow tactics with a few of his own, including a crotch crushing Tree of Woe. By the end of this bout, we will be surprised if either cunt or cock survive the !!! Buy now and witness the crotch crushing brutality between Allie and an insulted wrestler’s manhood in Allie vs Manhood – Mixed Crotch – Lucha Girls Wrestling
Allie Parker is always available for custom matches.  If she is your dream girl, order your match today!  
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