All About Lucky

Today is All About Lucky OShea

Everyones favorite sassy lil redhead Lucky Oshea is featured in Lucha Girls latest release… 1725R-Expelled & Piledriven – where she has to face a furious Mama Jezabel and tell her that she was expelled from school and wants to be a wrestler, just like mama!  Needless to say, Mama Jezabel is not pleased and tried to knock some sense into her dingy daughter with multiple piledrivers

Click here to download 1725R-Expelled and Piledriven 

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Click here to download 1685R-Crotch Match from Hell  Lucky takes on Jezabel Romo in what is one of the most hands on crotch attack matches Lucky has ever fought.

Click Here to download 1656R-Bikini Bitch Brawls featuring Lucky vs Keri Spectrum in a topless catfight battle of who is the better wrestler.

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Click Here for 1658-Piledriver Pleasures – Lucky Wins! Lucky goes toe to toe with Luscious Layla to determined who is the better wrestler by way of the coveted Piledriver

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