A Pro Wrestler & a Pornstar meet in the ring….Loser Gets Spanked!

Hello Catfight Cravers!

Sultry Adult Film Star Carmen Valentina is back to face off against the Sexy Masked Siren, Pro Wrestler La Scorpia in a re-match!  If you love wedgie style 1 pieces, body stretching submissions and some sexy ass smacking than this match is for you!  Check out 1433-Pro vs Porn – Loser Gets Spanked Catfight and enjoy all the sexy action of this match!

1433-Pro vs Porn – Loser Gets Spanked Catfight

Carmen Valentina vs La Scorpia

Sexy Porn Star Carmen Valentina is no stranger to the negative opinions and judgement she receives from Pro Wrestler La Scorpia. And there definitely is no love loss between these 2 sexy bitches!  La Scorpia is furious that she lost to the porn star and accuses her of cheating.  Carmen indignantly denies this and says she won fair and square! La Scorpia claims she won by kicking her in the who-haw (pussy) and using illegal moves.  Carmen claims all’s fair and she didn’t appreciate La Scorpias Foot to neck that was done to her!  La Scorpia suddenly challenges Carmen to a rematch – a pro style submission match!  Carmen cockily agrees, even though she isn’t a pro wrestler herself!  This isn’t their first ride with each other and each fierce female is determined to walk away victorious and head held high!  Both are clad in a sexy wedgie claiming one piece suit.  The match starts and very easily, La Scorpia takes charge and starts putting Carmen in various ankle lock submissions.  Poor Carmen screams in agony, but La Scorpia isn’t done yet.  La Scorpia starts smacking Carmen’s wedgie filled ass.  This just makes Carmen more determined to win and she gives La Scorpia a taste of her own medicine and smacks La Scorpias perky butt cheek exposed ass.  This match goes back and forth.  Suddenly Carmen decides to steal La Scorpias boots right off her feet.  Thats the wrong thing to do to a Luchadora – don’t ever fuck with her gear!!!  Time for Carmen to learn a lesson in wrestling manners!  She stretches and bends Carmen’s lithe sexy body, she scissors her and demands her to Give Up Slut!  To which Carmen says “Fuck You!” and calls La Scorpia a weak little bitch!  Damn these girls hate each other, yet seem to love smackin that ass.  Who are we to complain, they both have sexy perky lil asses!  But ultimately there can only be 1 winner!  Who claims victory and who gets their sassy ass smacked right over the winners knee?  Download LGW’s 1433-Pro vs Porn – Loser Gets Spanked Catfight and find out!!

Time Limit ~ 12 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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