A Belly Rematch Just Released 1532-Blonde Bitch Belly Bash

Happy Days LGW Fans!

We hope your New Year starting off in a more positive fashion than poor innocent Laylas is when she naively challenges Jennifer Thomas to a rematch in LGWs 1532-Blonde Bitch Belly Bash 2 The Rematch

1532-Blonde Bitch Belly Bash 2

Jennifer Thomas vs Luscious Layla

These two sexy and savvy beauties have met before in the ring and Jennifer Thomas, our muscular mistress handed out quite a belly bashing to the lovely sweet naive innocence of Luscious Layla.  One that it turns out Layla never really forgot or mentally got over. She trained, she fought and she is back, ready to challenge Jennifer to a re-match and is determined to have a more Layla favorable outcome.  But Jennifer, in her experience in life and wrestling, knows that Layla is just another emotional wrestler who wrestles with her emo filled heart. While Jennifer on the other hand, wrestles with experience and mental strength and fortitude……..but she is amused and decides to give Layla what she desires and accepts this silly challenge.  The match starts off with Jennifer giving Layla the first strike……a weak ass belly punch. But now its Jennifer’s turn and what we can honestly say, the beginning of a long belly bashing for poor Layla to painfully endure. Jennifer uses her fists, open palm strikes, stomps, elbows and even grabs various foreign objects to abuse Laylas tender soft as silk pale belly.  Witness the mayhem with you very own eyes in LGW’s “1532-Blonde Bitch Belly Bash 2 The Rematch” – its a sight to be seen!

Time Limit ~ 20                Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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