80’s Flashback Wrestling

featuring Rowdy Allie Parker vs Sgt (Jezabel) Slutter ~ Like most people, our girls daydream about if they were a famous 80’s wrestler, who would they be? Allie Parker always loved Roddy Piper, Jezabel Romo always wanted to be Sgt Slaughter! Lucha Girls is making their dreams a reality, as we bring you Flashback Wrestling, Back to The 80’s! Jezabel gets into character right away, being a stiff regimental soldier, as Allie takes on the nonchalant, arrogant nothing serious attitude for Rowdy Roddy Piper! Watch as these hot ladies battle it out in this pro wrestling roleplay match! Does Sgt Slutter have the breasticular fortitude to sneak in the dreaded Cobra Clutch or Camel Clutch and a Rowdy bitch out? Or does Rowdy Allie use the good ol heel tactics to clinch a win in this battle? Buy 80’s Flashback Wrestling to find out!!
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Lucha Girls Wrestling presents 80’s Flashback Wrestling . In the main event Rowdy Allie Parker vs SGT (Jezabel) Slutter!!

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***Allie Parker will be out of the ring until mid to late summer, as she unselfishly is donating a kidney to her brother.  This girl is an awesome wrestler in the ring and equally awesome sister & friend outside of the ring.  Please send any positive thoughts and well wishes to Allie.  You can continue to show support of the courageous woman by checking out her merchandise stores at http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/allieparker and 8×10’s at:http://allieparker.bigcartel.com/