420 Video Sale – Take a toke & start shopping!

Hello Happy Hippy Lettuce Lovers!

We here at Lucha Girls are so thankful we live in a weed loving state! We are total supporters of Mary Jane and love when we can celebrate it with our amazing fans! So right now, grab a doobie, take a toke and start shopping for 50% off your entire fucking order! Oh Yeah!!

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Thats right! Half off your entire order! No you are not too high, you heard that right – we are giving you 50% off on our whole sexy wresting library! All you have to do is find the matches you want to see, enter Coupon Code ” LightUp ” and then just sit back, pop some Visine in yoru eyes to keep them clear and let our sexy assed wrestlers entertain you!

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This sale ends on April 24, 2022 at 11:59pm, so the time to hesitate is through! Put the pipe down and get your shopping done with the Lucha Girls!