2on1 Bikini Bitch

2on1 Bikini Bitch – Topless
featuring Jezabel Romo & Lucky OShea vs Canadian Hottie Mutiny ~ Lucky and Jezabel are like the Mean Girls at school! They hate every other sexy bitch that comes around Lucha Girl
Wrestlings . These 2 bitches walk into the training dojo and spot the Canadian Beauty Mutiny and despise her on first sight! She thinks she is so hot in her lil blue bikini! Suddenly Jezabel can’t take it anymore and consumed with jealously, grabs a chair and attacks Mutiny from the back! The 2 on 1 attack is on! Poor Mutiny doesn’t understand and tries to go into survival mode, but Lucky and Jezabel are like 2 possessed bitches determined to destroy this Canadian beauty. They kick, pinch, claw, slap and stomp her poor “special lady places”. Ripping off her top, they viciously pinch & squeeze her luscious tits! But being pro wrestlers as well, they also break this lady with double clotheslines, a surfboard submission and the dreaded piledriver!!! Does Mutiny survive the ? Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings 2on1 Bikini Bitch ” and witness how this Damsel in fares after a by 2 jealous wenches!
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Sexy Canadian Mutiny is attacked by 2 jealous bitches – Jezabel Romo & Lucky OShea – in 2 on 1 Bikini Bitch , a topless, crotch attack , just for being beautiful……


Let the begin……2 on 1 bitch style!


Jezabel attacks Mutiny’s crotch with a flying headbutt right between her legs!


Lucky sets up for a painful rendition of Futbol to Mutinys crotch!


As Jezabel rides and Mutiny, Luclky goes for a surprise attack from behind!


Jezabel lifts Mutiny for a devastating piledriver with the assistance of Lucky’s crotch claw applied to poor vulnerable Mutiny.

You can meet and wrestle Jezabel Romo, Lucky OShea and Mutiny this August 13-17, 2015 in St Petersburg, FL at the biggest Fetish Convention in the US!!

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