1st Clip of 2019 – 1533-Forced Wedgie Fun

Happy New Years LGW Friend!

We love to start off the new year with just the right kind of action!  And we are taking 2019 by force! Starting with Jezabel Romo putting Vivi Veracruz in her forced wedgie place in our first release of the year – 1533-Forced Wedgie Fun Female Wrestling.  We hope your New Year starts off better than Vivi does!

1533-Forced Wedgie Fun Female Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Vivi Veracruz

Confident and sassy Brazilian beauty Vivi Veracruz is back and has been training her ass off to become the most sought after Lucha Girl.  Unfortunately, her ego seems to have grown to the same proportions as her bouncy luscious ass. Jezabel is in the locker room getting ready for training and overhears this saucy bitch stating that she is going to own Jezabel after this session.  Jezabel thinks to herself, that it’s time to teach this little Brazilian bitch a lesson. She wants to talk out of her ass, well Jezabel plans to spank & wedgie the sass right out of this bitch. She attacks from the back since Vivi was so full of herself she forgot to keep her head on a swivel in this day and age of Don’t Trust Anybody and soon finds her panties so far up the crack of her ass, she is damn near speechless.  The older more experienced Jezabel knows how to wring the panties just so, that poor Vivis pussy lips get twisted in the forced wedgie action. But our wily cougar is not done with this lil chica and proceeds to spank Vivi’s jiggly booty all over the ring. Vivi can barely take the painful onslaught of countless wedgies and over the knee ass smacks. Going so far that Jezabels twisted sense of humor even forces Vivi to do a little ass twerk performance with her panties twisting painfully between her bouncing butt cheeks!  But Jezabel isn’t done with this lil hussy and decides to leave her bound and stripped for the ultimate humiliation! Poor Vivi, when are you going to learn not to fuck with the boss lady? Witness the humiliation of the wedgie vulnerable Vivi Veracruz in LGW’s 1533-Forced Wedgie Fun Female Wrestling – we hope your year starts off better than Vivi’s!

Time Limit ~ 11 min          Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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