1681-Roughen Up the Redhead – Mixed Male Dom Wrestling

1681-Roughen Up the RedHead – Mixed Male Dom Wrestling

Masked Man loves meetin’ & beaten sexy ladies!  Layla, our sexy redhead, seems to be his next target, can she handle the humiliation in LGW’s 1681-Roughen Up the Redhead – Mixed Male Dom Wrestling

Featuring Layla vs Masked Man

15 minutes of pure male and humiliation in this belly bashing on Layla. Layla saw me in my mask and didn’t know if I was the infamous Masked Man or not… Stupid dumb bitch. The sexy Cuban came out swinging and giving her best shot. I loved how she came to fight, feisty and in lingerie. The see thru panties really turned me on. Enough of her bullshit offense of punches and shoulder blocks, I punished her firm belly in the corner with punches to the gut and stomps. I took the cunt down and stretched her mid section and delivered some devastating blows to the gut. She was one of my favorite damsels, I loved hearing her moaning and groaning. Definitely one of my favorite bodies to punish. I didn’t think she was being humiliated enough so I worked my hardest to make her squeal like a pig. She wouldn’t do it so I took her bra off for some topless action. stupid bitch still wouldn’t squeal. I tried squeezing the breath out of her the I had some fun and squeezed those titties I really gave her a belly and punished her stomach. She screamed in horror but we know she loved it. All she had to do was squeal like a piggy and I would’ve stopped. That’s how I know this slut loved it. She was jumpy so I gave her a titty twister to feel up those nipples. She didn’t want to squeal so I started choking her. For some reason these chicks will take the and humiliation before they squeal like a piggy pig pig. That’s ok we’re all a little weird so I don’t blame her for not squealing. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had dominating a cunt. I opened up a can of belly whoop ass before I queezed her and put her to sleep. The best part she squealed at the end….well sort of.  Buy LGW’s “1681-Roughen Up the Redhead – Mixed Male dom Wrestling

Time Limit ~ 17 min

Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained pro wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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