1677-You Ain’t No Superhero…Bitch! Classic Catfight

1677-You Ain’t No Superhero…Bitch! Classic Catfight

Jezabel gets challenged in the ring by debuting Lucy Purr, Jezabel is ready to strip the wrestling off this chica, right down to her bra and panties in LGW’s 1677-You Ain’t No Superhero…Bitch! Classic Catfight

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs Lucy Purr

Jezabel receives word that a newcomer wants to challenge her and arrogantly accepts the challenge.  Lucy Purr, a sexy fantasy model and sometimes wrestler wants to delve deeper into the fantasy wrestling world.  The both prepare mentally by wearing suits of their chosen desired power….Jezabel calls upon infamous Jedi Darth Vader, while innocent Lucy chooses Bat Man.  Let the brawl begin.  Lucy has more confidence and drive than ring knowledge and almost gets the upperhand on the older more experienced wrestler, but in the end thier can only be one winner and who gets stripped of their power suit to their little bra and panties……does Jezabel take Lucy to the darkside or does Lucy have the true grit & breasticular fortitude of one of the worlds most beloved superheros?  Find out in the next episode of Lucha Girls Wrestlings “ 1677-You Ain’t No Superhero…Bitch! Classic Catfight

Time Limit ~ 12 min

Format ~ MP4

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***All matches are performed by trained pro wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters***

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