1670-Downfall of Jackylyn – Mixed Wrestling

1670-Downfall of Jackylyn – Mixed Wrestling

Jackylyn thinks she can step in the ring with the woman despising Masked Man, he has other thoughts in mind for this dumb chick iin LGW’s 1670-Downfall of Jackylyn – Mixed Wrestling

Featuring Jackylyn vs Masked Man

The Masked Man has full control in this one sided squash match.  Dumb, yet courageous Jackylyn gets stripped down bare naked in this mixed wrestling bout.  The Masked Man asks the beautiful Jacklyn if she is ready to wrestle a guy. He gives her a few chances to take the first shot, but Jackylyn fails, that’s when Masked man grapples her down punishing her belly, putting her in a chin lock and seated abdominal stretch. He tells Jackylyn he’ll stop if she squeals like a pig. He finally takes off her bra exposing her pierced perky titties while fondling and feeling her up. Racks, Back breakers and finally the removal of the panties leaves Jackylyn feeling a bit exposed.  Finishing  her with a camel clutch and then much to the Masked Man surprise, she oinks like a pig! Just when you think it’s over Masked Man delivers a tombstone piledriver for the win. Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1670-Downfall of Jackylyn – Mixed Wrestling “ and watch the pig squealing mayhem ensue!

Time Limit ~ 12 min

Format ~ MP4

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***All matches are performed by trained pro wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters***

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