1664-Beauty & her Beast – Mixed Scissorhold Wrestling

1664-Beauty & her Beast – Mixed Scissorhold Wrestling

The Beautiful Allie Parker steps in the ring once again versus the beastly Tito the Man in 1664-Beauty & her Beast – Mixed Scissorhold Wrestling

Featuring Allie Parker vs Tito the Man

1664-Beauty & her Beast – Mixed Scissorhold Wrestling ~ Allie meets Tito in the ring once again.  Though it has been quite awhile, she is ready for him this time and determined to claim the victory! No trash talking, no set up, these 2 sexy fighters just go straight into it!  At first, Tito seems a little amused by Allies no nonsense approach , but then you see the change in him…the feeling of arousal that makes him want to dominate poor Allie!  But right when he thinks he has her, she wraps her powerful tanned thighs around his neck and squeezes tighter and tighter, weakening the big burly man!  Does he have any strength left to keep up the fight or does Allie finally take down Tito the Man? Or does Tito turn the tables and make her pay for the with a bit of his own style of breathtaking moves?  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings1664-Beauty & her Beast – Mixed Scissorhold Wrestling” and find out once and for all just who is the strongest and wants the victory more than their opponent?

Time Limit ~ 22 min

Format  ~ MP4

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