1661-Rosa vs Mortimer – Mixed Pro Style

1661-Rosa vs Mortimer – Mixed Pro Style

Mortimer, a creepy lil fellow has been caught lurking around Lucha Girls and now must face Rosa in the ring in LGW’s 1661-Rosa vs Mortimer – Mixed Pro Style

Featuring Rosa vs Mortimer

1661-Rosa vs Mortimer – Mixed Pro Style features a creepy little fellow named Mortimer and Indy Pro Wrestling Sensation Rosa.  When Rosa catches a freaky masked man lurking around the Lucha Girls dojo she confronts him and demands he get in the ring.  The match starts swiftly with a frustrated latina demanding to know what exactly this freak really is.  He mumbles incoherently and faces off with her. They test each others strength in various hold to hold and reversals to see who can and will dominate in this battle. Right when it seems that the creepy masked Mortimer will dominate our sexy latina, she counters with a move to match his prowess. After going to the mats, Mortimer takes over and even removes the rubber band from her hair to grip the luscious locks as it seems he has a perverse infatuation with her ebony waves.  This just infuriates Rosa and she overpowers him and tries to make him submit, but Mortimer is not having any of that nonsense.  This is an amazing mixed pro wrestling match up by 2 very experienced and knowledgeable opponents, but in the end there can only be one winner…..will it be the sexy Latina or the creepy masked man?  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings “1661-Rosa vs Mortimer – Mixed Pro Style” and find out!

Time Limit ~ 10 min

Format ~ MP4

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1661-Rosa vs Mortimer - Mixed Pro Style

Both Rosa and Mortimer are professionally trained pro wrestlers and are available to bring all of your pro wrestling fantasies to life.  Simply send us your scripts or match ideas and let Lucha Girls make your dream match a action packed reality!

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