1653-Goofy Girls Wrestle Too! Pro Style Catfight

1653-Goofy Girls Wrestle Too! Pro Style Catfight

Allie is done with Jezabel making a mockery of her sexy goofiness and is ready to prove she can be taken serious…or can she in LGW1653-Goofy Girls Wrestle Too! Pro Style Catfight

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs Allie Parker

1653-Goofy Girls Wrestle Too! Pro Style Catfight ~ Jezabel & Allie have wrestled each other many times in the past.  And each time Jezabel is thoroughly entertained by Allies sexy goofiness and loves to mock and make good loving fun of the sexy younger woman.  Allie is over Jezabels bullshit and is tired of being mocked and laughed at.  These girls start mouthing off to each other, with Jezabel getting in a couple of lucky belly slaps but then they lock up and its time to wrestle!  They go back and forth with pro style go behinds, full nelsons and submission take downs.  But this being a Lucha Girls match, its naturally combined with sexy scissorholds, ass smacking and a bit of catfighting in sexy bra and panty sets.  Being a somewhat pro match up, they have their wrestling boots on of course!    As the match progresses, Allie is getting more and more frustrated and sounding more and more like an airhead which in turn infuriates Jezabel who takes her wrestling serious! These 2 hellcats can wrestle and have their smart ass vocal skills down as well.  But as the match progresses so does Jezabels evil ways come out as she goes straight for the crotch shots, ch0kes and anything to punish the younger, sexier woman. Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings1653 Goofy Girls Wrestle Too! Pro Style Catfight” and watch how goodtimes can go bad really quick!

Time Limit:  11 min

Format:  MP4

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Allie Parker will be back in action at Lucha Girls in December 2016 ready to fulfill all of your Holiday wish lists of custom matches!  We are taking match requests and bookings for this sexy chica.  Submit your match requests via email at Info@LuchaGirls.com – just let us know the selected fighters, match content/script and time limit and we can give you a reasonable rate to fulfill your wrestling fantasy with Allie or any of our other fighters!