1651-2on1 Topless Madness – Mixed Male-dom Wrestling

1651-2on1 Topless Madness – Mixed Male-dom Wrestling

2 Lucha Girls are stronger than 1 man, or so they mistakenly think when dealing with the woman hating Masked Man in 1651-2on1 Topless Madness – Mixed Male-dom Wrestling

Featuring Jezabel Romo & Layla vs The Masked Man

1651-2on1 Topless Madness – Mixed Male-dom Wrestling ~ Layla and Jezabel were feeling pretty confident and cocky on this day.  Feeling a bit sexy too in their brand new thongs.  Masked Man is in the building so they decide to get a little sassy with him, thinking they could control this beast with their looks and sexy bodies.  Little do they realize that this man hates women in his ring and in his sport of pro wrestling.  Oh he is going to have fun with these 2 stupid little sluts!  They want to challenge The Masked Man to a handicap match?  He will leave them broken and handicap that is for damn sure! He starts off by tenderizing the little cunts with some kicks & stomps, then grabs Jezabel  for a devastating DDT.  Putting her sassy ass out of comission for a bit, he goes after the vulnerable inexperienced Layla with an Atomic Drop and BackBreaker! This match is Bru-muthafuckin-tal with turnbuckle head smashes, Tilt 0’ Whirl BackBreakers, breathtaking moments with drooling, feet , ass smacking and ass to ass antics and head slamming piledrivers for both women to endure!  The horror, I tell you as 2 dumb bitches realize they can’t get through life on looks, titties and ass only!  Sometimes you have to fight for your life!!  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings1651-2on1 Topless Madness – Mixed Male-dom Wrestling” and watch the humiliation of Jezabel & Layla at the hands of a Mad Masked Man and witness his demands to squeal like a pig…oink! oink!

Time Limit:  17 min

Format:  MP4

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