1649-Piledriver Perversions #20 – Your Pain Is My Pleasure

1649-Piledriver Perversions #20 – Your Pain Is My Pleasure

Sassy Blonde Keri is late and Jezabel is going to teach her a lesson in respect and multiple piledrivers in 1649-Piledriver Perversions 20 – Your Pain Is My Pleasure.

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs Keri Spectrum

I love when I get a fresh new girl in the ring!  Keri Spectrum is the perfect victim, ahem, I mean opponent for the next video in my ongoing multiple piledriver fetish series.  First off, the bitch is late and has the audacity to be on her phone when she finally graces me with her presence!  Oh I am going to teach this little disrespecting bitch a lesson she won’t soon forget…well once I can get her attention long enough to get her in the fucking ring.  I finally have to grab her damn phone out of her hand and demand she get her ass in my ring!  This is one sassy tall blonde who needs to be brought down a notch or two and I am just the veteran bitch to do it! I decide to take her thru a round of back strikes and arm around her throat submissions.  But I also start to realize that this braless beauty is just ripe for groping, grabbing and fondling too….much to my perverse delight.  But my ultimate pleasure is yet to come….the sensual positioning of the coveted piledriver.  I love having her dangle helpless in my arms, her crotch in my face and the spine tingling, nervous energy of anticipating being dropped straight on your head feeling she must be experiencing right now……Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings1649-Piledriver Perversions #20 – Your Pain Is My Pleasure”  and watch this lovely blonde beauty experience the lesson of her life with Multiple Piledrivers just for a Jezabels pleasure

Time Limit:  11 min

Format:  MP4

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1649-Piledriver Perversions #20 – Your Pain Is My Pleasure

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